Hundred-Dollar Hammer
Hundred-Dollar Hammer
Hundred-Dollar Hammer
Hundred-Dollar Hammer
Hundred-Dollar Hammer
Hundred-Dollar Hammer

Hundred-Dollar Hammer

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Thank you so much for making this project a huge success!

The Hundred-Dollar Hammer Collab by HouseMade + Gnome Hammer Forge

This inaugural run of 50 cross-peen hammers is the start of a new HouseMade Collab with Ryan Brueck of Gnome Hammer Forge.

When we say "Ryan loves making hammers" ...this guy truly LOVES making hammers, and it shows. Along with his positive & collaborative attitude, Ryan's passion for his craft is as good as it gets.
We've been working together on this project long-distance since meeting at Maker Camp 2023, and Ryan's hustle has been relentless. We had a blast with this project, and hope you love our cross-peen hammer as much as we do. 

About the hammer

The 2.5-lb head is heat-treated 1045 tool steel. The faces are flame-tempered and polished to a mirror finish.

The hand-shaped American Hickory handle is 14" long, and each one is hand-brushed with Kona & Ebony dyes. 

Every hammer is branded with both of our logos, using hot stamps we designed & made in our Florida shop. 

About the blacksmith

Ryan Brueck, a seasoned blacksmith, founded Gnome Hammer Forge with a vision to revive the art of handmade forging.

As a tool maker, Ryan is passionate about crafting hammers that are not just tools, but works of art.

His love for blacksmithing and billet forging, along with his commitment to quality and attention to detail, quickly earned Gnome Hammer Forge a reputation for producing some of the finest hand-forged hammers in the industry.

Follow Gnome Hammer Forge on Instagram to see more of Ryan's work


These Collab Hammers will ship out of Gnome Hammer Forge in Michigan.

Your order will ship USPS Priority.

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