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Brian's Preferred Motor

IronHorse MTR series premium efficiency AC induction motor, general purpose and inverter rated, 2hp, 3-phase, 208-230/460 VAC, 3450rpm, TEFC, 56C/HC frame, rolled steel, rigid base/C-face mount.

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Requirements for a motor that will work with the Revolution:

  • TEFC
  • NEMA 56C (this is the bolt pattern)
  • 3450 RPM
  • 3-Phase (no need for 3-phase power, the VFD will convert single-phase to 3)
  • 2HP (Preferred)
  • 220v

Alternative Motor #1
Hallmark Industries MA0520F AC Motor, 2 hp, 3450 RPM, 3PH/60 hz

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Alternative Motor #2
2HP Electric Motor 3450 RPM 3-Phase Motor 230V/460V

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Alternative Motor #3
BTDH 2HP 3-Phase Motor 3450 RPM 208-230/460v

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Brian's Preferred VFD

The KB Electronics, 9520, KBAC-27D (Gray), 1.5;2HP, 1-Phase, 110-120V;200-240V (Input), Nema 4X Enclosure, Variable Frequency Drive

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 ⚠  The KBAC units do not come with the reverse switch standard but they are cheap and easily installed. 

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Another preferred VFD - (220 - up to 3HP)
KB Electronics KBAC-29 AC motor control

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Cheaper VFD (220)

(You must enclose this or it will fail due to dust)

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Cheaper VFD (110 to 220 3-phase)
Wisoqu VFD

(You must enclose this or it will fail due to dust)

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Tools & supplies for your Revolution build

Tools required to build the Revolution

Access my full Revolution tool list

Welding Tools & Supply List

Access my full welding supply List

Wiring Diagram for Most Motors & VFD's

Thanks to Dan @ DC Knives dcknives.blogspot.com

Grinder Accessories

Contact Wheel

*Make sure to select 12.7mm bearing*

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Small Wheel Attachment

TR Maker small wheel attachment, rubber-coated wheel set & rack

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Free Software

AutoDesk Viewer

View Fusion 360, DWG, STEP, DWF, RVT and Solidworks files.

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Fusion 360

View and edit Fusion 360, CAD, STEP, DXF, and Solidworks files

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