2x72 Belt Grinder Resources - Hardware, Motor, VFD, Wheels & More

This page will be updated regularly with the latest products, hardware, tools and other pieces that are used to build the Revolution 2x72 DIY Belt Grinder.

This will help you find what is best when you need anything.

Brian's Preferred Gear for the Revolution Build

Buy these items to complete the Revolution – the motor and VFD are not the cheapest but this is my preferred setup.

2HP Iron Horse Motor ► https://bit.ly/2UUZMhR
Iron Horse Motor

VFD 110/220 (to Control the Motor) ► https://amzn.to/2QDbwFB   
Alternative link to another vendor ► https://bit.ly/3qYKwjx

HouseMade Custom Revolution Wheel Set ► https://bit.ly/3vwq3Vn

Revolution Wheel Set


      Requirements for a motor that will work with the Revolution: 

      • TEFC
      • NEMA 56C (this is the bolt pattern)
      • 3600 RPM
      • 3 Phase (no need for 3 phase power the vfd will convert single phase to 3)
      • 2HP (Preferred)
      • 220v

      2HP Iron Horse Motorhttps://bit.ly/2UUZMhR  


      Preferred VFD 110/220 (To Control the Motor) ► https://amzn.to/2QDbwFB

       ⚠  The KBAC units do not come with the reverse switch standard but they are cheap and easily installed. 
      Reverse Switch: ► https://amzn.to/3HR4Rgw


        Grinder Accessories 

        Wiring Diagram for Most Motors & VFD's

        (Big Thanks to Dan @ DC Knives - http://dcknives.blogspot.com/ )

        AutoDesk Viewer (to View Fusion 360 Files): Link

        SketchUp Viewer: Link

        Fusion 360 CAD: Link