The Gen 5 Revolution 2x72
any way you want it.


Gen 5 Revolution Grinder Bundles

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The Revolution Gen 5 DIY 2x72 Grinder

New hardware, features, and machined parts for an easier build experience.

Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit
Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit
Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit
Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit
Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit
Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit
Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit
Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit
Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit

Generation 5 Ultimate Revolution 2x72 Build Kit


$20 off when you bundle a wheel set with your grinder

What's new for Gen 5?

  • New multi-axis tracking mechanism
  • New Zinc-cast fully-adjustable handles
  • New pre-fabricated aluminum tracking hinge
  • New D-plate with option to add 4" contact wheel
  • Updated motor plate & hinge design
  • Tube Steel is pre-cut and fully-machined (CNC)
  • No more drilling, tapping, or cutting
  • Easier to build - just weld it up
  • Weld seams removed on all telescoping receiver arms

What's included in my build kit?

We provide the pieces, parts & weld it up.

  • Full digital plans set (PDF - not printed)
  • Laser-cut steel pack
  • Pre-cut, fully-machined tube steel
  • Complete hardware pack
  • Does not include handle scales or black/brass plate
  • Does not include motor or VFD

The Revolution 2x72 was designed with the home builder in mind.

The novice fabricator can put this together and have a versatile, feature-rich, tilting 2x72 Belt Grinder that would cost thousands of dollars if it were manufactured.

Get the Ultimate Bundle Kit and see how you can Revolutionize your home workshop with one of the most important tools of the 21st century. Also, you do not need any special work table for this, it will bolt down to any flat work surface and tilt with ease. 

The process of designing and building this grinder is a series on YouTube. For more details and a breakdown of the machine, Click here to watch the series.

      These parts will ship from our Florida warehouse. The steel is made in the U.S.A. and is laser cut here in Florida.

      For more information on costs, motors & other things see our F.A.Q. Page

      This product is not returnable or refundable.

      ***Motor must be face mounted***
      (or you can modify the motor plate to allow a bottom mount)

      1. Digital Plans
      Instant download

      2. Ultimate Hardware Pack
      Everything you need for the build

      3. Tube steel cut to size and CNC-machined
      No more drilling, tapping, or cutting! We also grind out the weld seams on the insides of the tube steel for the telescoping receiver tubes. Just weld it together and grind away.

      4. Laser-cut steel pack:
      • Motor mount plate (.375)
      • 4 hinges (.375)
      • Base plate (.375)
      • Tracking Mechanism Parts (.5)
      • Platen plate (.375)
      • Work Rest Surface Plate (15"x6" .25)
      • Platen Bracket (5 total pieces)
      • D-Plate Spacer

      Wheels (4 total - we now have custom wheels!)

      An approved motor (links to motors on the resources page)

      A motor controller (VFD - links to VFDs on the resources page))

      Some wiring, including the plug to plug it in. (links to all of these items are listed in the plan set and available as 110 and 220 kits right here)

      Ultimate Bundle: $725

      Wheels (4 total): $240

      Motor: $220 (avg cost)

      A variable speed motor controller (VFD): $85 (sold separately from Amazon)

      Average Total Cost for the Revolution - A 2HP variable speed, tilting industrial 2x72 grinder: $1270

      All Revolution grinder kits, parts, and accessories ship fast & FREE anywhere in the USA + Puerto Rico

      Your Revolution will ship within 3-4 business days of placing your order. The Ultimate Bundle will ship in two (2) USPS Priority packages.

      One box has all the tube steel, hardware, and some plate steel, weighing about 62lbs.

      The second package is a sleeve with the D-plate, motor plate and work rest, weighing about 17lbs.

      The packages we ship in are priority rate and they'll be banged up by the time they get to you. However, we strap it all together inside and out. Nothing can fall out of the box individually.

      Customize it
      There's no limit on what you can do with a Revolution.

      Add tooling arms, small wheel attachments, glass platens, curved platens, custom work rests, and whatever else you can dream up.

      The new Revolution Generation 5 grinder is the most modular industrial DIY beast on the market.


      Don't just take our word for it


      Great build, simple, intuitive and very easy. Very solid grinder, stable and accurate. Lovin it.

      Nahum K.

      I purchased the Ultimate Bundle with the plans and all the laser cut parts. That is definitely the way to go!

      I love the grinder. It went together like a dream and works perfectly. The tracking is super responsive.

      Dave V.

      Was one of the funnest builds with my sons. Mainly use for knife making.

      Tim K.

      Building the HM grinder was a most enjoyable experience. This is now my favorite tool. Thanks Brian!

      Brent T.