Revolution Essentials Bundle
Revolution Essentials Bundle

Revolution Essentials Bundle

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VFD Wiring Kit — Voltage
Drive Wheel Style
Contact wheel style

The Revolution Essentials Bundle has the basics to get your grinder built and ready for action. 

This bundle includes:

  • 50+ page plan set to walk you through every step of the build
  • Tube steel cut, drilled & tapped with seams removed for telescoping tooling arms
  • Plate steel, sourced and laser-cut here in Florida
  • Hardware pack
  • Gen 5 wheel set: 7" drive wheel, 4" tracking wheel, 4" rubber contact wheel, and 2" platen wheel
  • Wiring kit for your 110v or 220v setup

All you need to finish is to source is your motor & VFD (motor speed control). All of Brian's recommended gear is listed here on the project resources page.

The plans for your 2x72 grinder build are included as a digital download, available immediately upon checkout.

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Etched Steel ID Plate

Fit this up to your 2x72 beast as the finishing touch it deserves. Individually painted, etched with sequential serial numbers, and sealed with semi-gloss laquer.

Get yours

Your Custom D-Plate

Want the flip-side of your D-plate to have your logo, name, lucky number, or favorite words of wisdom etched onto it?
We can do that!

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