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Actirox Belts

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Aggressive Stock Removal

Grain type: Shaped ceramic 
Bond: Full-resin bonded
Backing material: Y-polyester
Pressure: low to medium contact pressure 
Suitable for wet grinding? Yes 

The latest generation of VSM abrasives, called ACTIROX, is designed to provide optimal stock removal. With its uniquely shaped abrasive grains, it enables aggressive and fast grinding, ensuring maximum removal rates.

  • Maximum stock removal with VSM's ceramic grain, featuring geometrically shaped particles that ensure efficient material removal.
  • Shorter processing times with faster grinding compared to traditional ceramic grain abrasives, allowing for quicker results.
  • Cool grinding without tarnishing, as well as extended service life.
  • Improved chip clearance, even when working with aluminum.

ACTIROX abrasives have proven to outperform comparable abrasives in terms of their abrasive power, while still delivering a smooth surface finish. You'll experience greater stock removal than anticipated for the given grit size, without leaving a rough surface.

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Belts ship FREE on orders over $100