Apollo Forge 3D Printable Files
Apollo Forge 3D Printable Files
Apollo Forge 3D Printable Files
Apollo Forge 3D Printable Files
Apollo Forge 3D Printable Files
Apollo Forge 3D Printable Files

Apollo Forge 3D Printable Files

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3D Print your own ribbon burner mold and air funnel with our files.

If you've got your own 3D printer you can easily make these forge components on your own.

Our 3D Printable Files set is designed for hobbyists, makers, and anyone who enjoys building their own forges. This set includes two distinct projects that are perfect for those who want to customize their forge-building experience.

The first project is a funnel design that is specifically tailored for use with our Apollo Forge project. This funnel is designed to direct air from a blower down to a 2 inch opening, maximizing efficiency and increasing the effectiveness of your forge. With our 3D printable file, you can easily print and assemble your own funnel, ensuring that your forge is properly ventilated and optimized for performance.

The second project included in this set is a ribbon burner mold, which is a critical component of any forge. Please note that to print the ribbon burner mold, your 3D printer must have a minimum print bed size of 300mm x 300mm. With our 3D printable file, you can easily mold your own ribbon burner, ensuring that it will fit to the Apollo Forge design. This will result in a more efficient, high-performing forge that is perfect for knife makers, blacksmiths, and anyone who enjoys metalworking.

Both projects included in this set are easy to print and assemble, and are designed for use with a variety of 3D printers. So if you're looking for a way to customize your forge-building experience and maximize the efficiency of your forge, our 3D Printable Files set is the perfect choice. Order yours today and take the first step towards building the forge of your dreams.

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Looking to get into a 3D printer?

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We did months of R&D so you can get up and running faster

Skip the time suck of self-sourcing and get our full forge kit or even just some of the parts. Pouring that ribbon burner can be. . . challenging. :)