Ceramics Plus Belts
Ceramics Plus Belts

Ceramics Plus Belts

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High Stock Removal

Grain type: Ceramic
Bond: Full-resin bonded
Backing material: Y-polyester
Pressure: medium contact pressure 
Suitable for wet grinding? Yes 

VSM CERAMICS Plus grains have an improved self-sharpening effect, especially when dealing with tough high-alloyed steels and super alloys that need some serious pressure.

The special structure of VSM CERAMICS Plus microcrystals allows for a more delicate breakdown of the grains, resulting in super sharp edges. As a bonus, it keeps things cool in the contact area and extends the lifespan of the belt.

  • Impressive stock removal rate with VSM CERAMICS Plus, as its optimized self-sharpening effect constantly recreates sharp grain points.
  • Grind high-alloyed steels efficiently and save on costs, thanks to the highest possible stock removal rate.
  • Enjoy an exceptionally long service life with VSM CERAMICS Plus, as it offers high wear resistance.
  • Keep things cool during grinding and extend the service life even further with VSM TOP SIZE's additional grinding-active layer.

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Belts ship FREE on orders over $100