Generation 4 Plate Steel Pack Only (no hardware or plans)

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These are high quality laser cut mild steel pieces. Made in the U.S.A. 

This pack includes:

  1. Motor mount plate (.375)
  2. 4 hinges (.375)
  3. Base plate (.375)
  4. 1 Work Rest hinge (.25)
  5. Platen plate (.375)
  6. Work Rest Surface Plate (15"x6" .375)
  7. Platen Bracket
  8. Tracking Mechanism parts
  9. D Plate Spacers (x2)
  10. Shipping anywhere in the United States & Puerto Rico  (FREE)


You will need to supply the tube steel & a few other pieces of steel listed on FAQ page. 

Click here for the FAQ Page

The plans do not come with the steel pack, there is a bundle that offers both for a discount.

Click here to bundle it & save $$ 

These parts will ship from our Texas warehouse. The steel is made in the U.S.A. and is cut by a laser cutting shop in Dallas, TX.

The box we ship in is a priority rate box and it will be banged up by the time it gets to you, however we package all of it up inside, taped together. Nothing can fall out of the box individually. We have yet to lose a single piece of steel or shipment.

** If you're wonder why there is a difference in price from the earlier editions, we had to switch suppliers due to high demand, when we did this we took the opportunity to add the work rest surface to the steel plate set. So no need to find that piece**