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Japanese Dog's Head Hammer

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The Japanese Dog's Head Hammer Collab by HouseMade + Gnome Hammer Forge

NOW IN STOCK! Our first run of Dog's Head Hammers went so fast, we're adding it to the regular lineup. This run of 50 Japanese Dog's Head hammers is the second design release from Brian @HouseMade and Ryan of Gnome Hammer Forge.

Rooted in the rich history of Japanese forging techniques, this hammer embodies the essence of precision and finesse, making it an essential tool for any blacksmith.
Ryan was able to do the entire process with an induction forge, ending up with almost zero scale from carbon leaching. As a result, this hammer head has the most carbon it could possibly have from a forging process, because of the ability to isolate heats to one area at a time.
"It's a very quick, but very easy-to-mess-up design. I was really out of my comfort zone so this really pushed me. I'm so glad I did it because it's quickly becoming my favorite hammer I've made."  - Ryan

About the hammer

The 1.5-lb head is heat-treated 1045 tool steel. The faces are induction-forge-hardened and polished to a mirror finish. Because of this heating method, the faces are hard and the body is soft -- so the body is more absorbent to the stress and shock of your hammer blows.

The hand-shaped American Hickory handle is 12" long, and Ryan hand-brushes each one with Kona & Ebony dyes.

Every hammer is branded with both of our logos, using hot stamps we designed & made in our Florida shop. 

Historical Significance

The Japanese Dog's Head Hammer draws inspiration from the ancient art of Japanese swordsmithing, where every strike counts in the creation of legendary katana blades. Crafted with a keen understanding of balance and form, this hammer pays homage to the traditional hammers used by Japanese blacksmiths for generations. Its distinctive "dog's head" shape is a nod to the symbolism of loyalty and dedication, values held dear in the world of forging.

* collab hammers are not eligible for discounts/promos - this allows us to keep the price down and still support up-and-coming makers getting their businesses off the ground. Thank you for your support!

About the blacksmith

Ryan Brueck, a seasoned blacksmith, founded Gnome Hammer Forge with a vision to revive the art of handmade forging.

As a tool maker, Ryan is passionate about crafting hammers that are not just tools, but works of art.

His love for blacksmithing and billet forging, along with his commitment to quality and attention to detail, quickly earned Gnome Hammer Forge a reputation for producing some of the finest hand-forged hammers in the industry.

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All stock HouseMade X Gnome Hammer Forge collab hammers ship from Ryan's home forge in Michigan. Stock hammers ship fast & FREE anywhere in the USA + Puerto Rico

Your order will ship USPS Priority within 3 business days. Shipping turnaround may extend to 4-5 business days during peak/holiday weeks.

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