Revolution DIY 2x72 Tilting Belt Grinder Plans ►► INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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The Revolution 2x72 DIY Tilting Belt Grinder Plan Set


The Revolution 2x72 was designed with the home builder in mind. All the steel, materials and tools needed to fabricate this powerful machine are very easy to come by. The novice fabricator can put this together and have a versatile, feature-rich, tilting 2x72 Belt Grinder that would cost thousands of dollars if it were manufactured. Get the plan set and see how you can Revolutionize your home workshop with one of the most important tools of the 21st century.  Also, you do not need any special work table for this, it will bolt down to any flat work surface and tilt with ease.


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►► All dimensions are given in imperial and metric ◄◄

What's included:

  • 50 Plus page PDF with all of the information and blueprints to build a 2x72 Belt Grinder.
  • Printable templates for the platen & hinges — prints out on home printers to transfer to steel
  • DXF files to import the hinges, the platen, the base plate & the motor plate into a CNC
  • Resources Page that will take you to all the tools, wheels, motor & VFD used to complete the grinder

The process of designing and building this grinder is a series here on YouTube. For more details and a breakdown of the machine, Click here to watch the series.

** No physical product will be shipped, this is for the plans set only**
***Motor must be face mounted (or you can modify the motor plate to allow a bottom mount)***