Carbide Straightening Hammer
Carbide Straightening Hammer
Carbide Straightening Hammer

Carbide Straightening Hammer

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HouseMade Carbide Straightening Hammers by KHDaily Knives

These straightening hammers feature a brazed carbide ball in the back of the peen and the carbide is approximately 90 HRC which allows it to dimple the hardened blades and not shatter them.

The process of straightening a warped knife blade involves placing the blade on a flat surface, such as an anvil or workbench, with the warped area facing up. The carbide straightening hammer is then used to carefully apply pressure to the warped area, gradually bending it back into alignment.

The key advantage of using a carbide straightening hammer is that it allows for a precise amount of pressure to be applied to the blade. This is important because applying too much pressure or using a tool that is not hard enough can cause the blade to crack or break.

4 oz. Hammer
Weight: 14 oz.
Dimensions: 12 × 3 × 1 in

8 oz. Hammer
Weight: 20 oz.
Dimensions: 12 × 4 × 1 in

Made in the USA using American-made stock hammers. 

From the maker, Kyle Daily
What has worked the best for me has been to put the knife with the warp on the anvil in the shape of a U and just to one side of where it comes up, hit the top side with the hammer to bring the blade back down straight.   I do 1 or 2 hits then check the knife of my surface plate and by eye to see where the next hits need to happen.

With some moderately hard hits based on the diameter of the dimple left in the steel the 4 oz hammer leaves a 0.0025″ deep divot and the 8 oz hammer leaves a 0.0051″ deep divot. Me being on the heavier hand nature, I preferred the lighter hammer at the beginning, now I am more comfortable I grab the 8 oz hammer almost every time. Both hammers work extremely well from my testing.


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