Rapid Quench Plates
Rapid Quench Plates
Rapid Quench Plates
Rapid Quench Plates
Rapid Quench Plates
Rapid Quench Plates

Rapid Quench Plates

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Super fast, air-powered quench plates

Think of it as a hurricane-driven air hockey table for your heat treat process.

Our machined aluminum Rapid Quench plates bolt up perfectly to this common shop vise and will help you process your heat-treated blades quickly and efficiently. Hook up to an air compressor (minimum of 20 gallon) and go.

Unique, air-driven blade cooling
Proprietary air passages machined into the top plate allow for fast, even air distribution across your blades
Process batches faster
After pulling your blades, letting the air run will rapidly cool your plates down for less time between batches of blades
No time wasted on cleanup
Zero mess to handle afterwards - liquid cooled plates can leave you with an extra shop task you don't want


The HouseMade Rapid Quench system includes: 

  • Set of two (2) Aluminum quench plates 12"x6"x1"
  • Quick connect fittings for air compressor connection
  • Hoses
  • Hardware to bolt the plates up to the vise

*does not include the vise

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