Revolution Fast-Track System
Revolution Fast-Track System
Revolution Fast-Track System

Revolution Fast-Track System

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Upgrade your grinder to Generation 5 tracking with the Revolution Fast-Track System. 

YES! It's reverse-compatible with ALL previous versions of the Revolution 2x72.

Super easy dual-axis tracking in forward and reverse, whether you want to fab it up on your own or save the time and have us fabricate it for you! 


Non-fabricated with a non-machined tooling arm
This is a full DIY kit. It includes all of the parts and hardware needed to build your own Fast-Track System. You do all of the drilling, tapping, and welding.

Non-fabricated with a machined tooling arm
This option has all of the parts and hardware for the Fast-Track System, and we’ll build it together. We drill and tap your tooling arm and you weld it all up.

Add on our pre-fabricated tracking hinge to either of the non-fabricated kits at a $10 discount if you need it -- or just get a parts kit if you already have the tracking hinge.

Fabbed and ready to go
Just like it sounds, this one is fabricated and assembled by us. Great if you don’t have the tools to DIY it, and it’s ready to go to work right out of the box. This assembly includes the tracking hinge.

** If you're purchasing the pre-fabricated Fast-Track System, you do NOT need to add the tracking hinge. It is already a part of that assembly. **


If you're getting the Gen 5 Ultimate Bundle, the Fast-Track System is already in your kit!

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